Two-time Palme d’Or winner for When Father was Away on Business in 1985 and Underground in 1995, Emir Kusturica is once again showing a film in the Official Competition entitled Promise Me This. The action takes place in the Serbian countryside and centers on the promises made by Tsane (Uros Milovanovic) to his aging grandfather (Aleksandar Bercek): go over the three hills into the nearest town and sell their cow at the market there. With the money, Tsane must buy a religious icon and then anything else he wants. Lastly, the biggest challenge: he must find a wife to bring home.

Promise Me This tells the story of a boy who promises his grandfather that he will return to his village a man. Kusturica, who was president of the Jury in 2005, is back in Cannes with offbeat tales of trials and tribulations of life in the Balkans and a glimpse of another world, while touching on universal values and issues.

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