An explosive belt (also called suicide belt, Bomberpilot Jacket, suicide vest) is a vest packed with explosives and armed with a detonator, worn by suicide bombers. Explosive belts are usually packed with ball bearings, nails, screws, bolts, and other objects that serve as shrapnel to maximize the number of casualties in the explosion.


See more how German bomb expert demonstrates explosive bel it in the same room, where this stuff has been produced (you could see sewing machines and machining stations in the background on some photos).

Suicide bomber belt

Pay your attention to the stuffing (nails, screws and nuts) and circuit closing contactor (looks like a blue stick with a button). At the moment of explosion nails and screws scatter in different directions at a great rate and injure others.

After shifting toggle on pot-belly the entire system is activated – and as soon as the suicide bomber presses the button of the contactor all around in radius of 30-50 meters passes into a bloody jelly.

Suicide bomber belt

Explosive belt
Bomberpilot Jacket
suicide vest
Suicide bomber belt
On this three photos, there is a portfolio version of this hack and slash – with remote detonation. Fuse steps in of telephone ring.

Suicide bomber belt
Suicide bomber belt
Suicide bomber belt

A primitive bomb usually consists of several cylinders, often cut parts of metallic water pipes, filled with explosives and fragments , that are connected by a wire to a trigger, the “red button”, that is usually located in the suicide bomber’s pocket, or on his chest. The cylinders are hung or packed in an inner lining of a jacket, that is worn under the clothes. It is a very simple and effective device.

A more sophisticated kind is made out of plastified explosive, and consists of “plates” of explosive, that are packed into a jacket or into a lining of a coat.
The “fragmentation jacket” consists of steel balls, screws, nuts and pieces of thick wire.

The main killing power of any bomb is not the explosion itself (the shock wave is rather small because of small quantity of explosives used) but the fragments of its jacket, which are launched in all directions by the explosion. In air force bombs and in many types of artillery shells the pieces are formed out of the steel casing, which is split into small pieces in an explosion.
A Palestinian with fake Shaheed belt
In anti-personnel tank shells and in some kinds of artillery shells part of the internal payload is dedicated to shrapnel- such a shell is filled with several thousand of needles (“flechettes”). Sometimes these flechettes are made of plastic, which do not show up on x-rays. Palestinian terrorists realized this principle long ago and use it widely. More than 90% of the victims injured are hit by the bomb shrapnel.

In an explosion, the balls are launched with such speed, that their power is close to a bullet’s. You could say that in an explosion the suicide-bomber shoots several hundred bullets in a single moment.
The shrapnel elements
Aside from steel balls, nails, screws and so on, nuts and washers are also used. Nuts are easily glued together to form tiny plates that can be pressed in, or even tied by a tape to the plates of the explosive to hide it better. Likewise, nuts are also stringed on a thread or on a piece of wire, as shown on the photographs.
X-ray picture of a 17-old girl, who was killed by a suicide-bomb's nail penetrating her skull
Here is X-ray picture of a 17-old girl, who was killed by a suicide-bomb’s nail penetrating her skull. RIP

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