Lydia Hurst, the daughter of Patty Hearst Lydia Hurst, the daughter of Patty Hearst and her bodyguard with a loud name – Bernard Shaw.

Miki Samner, Sting's daughterMiki Samner, Sting’s daughter.

Rhod Stewart's children Rhod Stewart’s children – Kimberly, Ruby and Shin.

Leah- Ron Wood's dautherLeah- Ron Wood’s dauther

Sam - Richard Branson's sonSam – Richard Branson’s (Virgin owner) son, wears fathers jeans )

Jeremy GuinnessJeremy Guinness – Guinness empire heir – daughter.

 Another Sting's daughter - KateAnother Sting’s daughter – Kate.

Kaya Gerber. Cindy Crawford's DaughterKaya Gerber, five years. Cindy Crawford’s Daughter.

Lizzi Jagger, Andre Agassi's daughterLizzi Jagger, Andre Agassi’s daughter.

Lydia HurstLydia Hurst at the podium in clothes from Heathrette. Dogs name is Toto.

Berlusconi's daughter Barbara and Giorgio ArmaniModel and artist. Silvio Berlusconi’s daughter Barbara and Giorgio Armani.

Boris Becker's AnnaBoris Becker’s Anna.

Jimmy Tudeski and Demi Moore's daughter  - RumerJimmy Tudeski and Demi Moore’s daughter – Rumer.

Granddaughter of Elvis Presley - Riley KeohGranddaughter of Elvis Presley – Riley Keoh.

Ivanka TrumpIvanka Trump.

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# 1 - JJ - 14/11/2010 - 1:13 pm

Jimmy Tudeski?? bahahaha that was his character’s name in The Whole 9/10 Yards – try Bruce Willis lol

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