chameleon © Tibor Olah / AP
Small chameleon. Budapest zoo.

knut bear© Franka Burns / AP
German superstar Knut bear.

hippopotamus© Martin Meissner / AP
Hippopotamus in the Gelsenkirchen zoo. Germany

flamingoes© Laurie Skrivan / AP
Flamingoes transportation. St. Louis zoo.

chimpanzee© Tom Gilbert / AP
Chimpanzee family in Tulsa zoo, Oklahoma.

chjihuahua© Michael Dwyer / AP
Chihuahua to ride in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

cloned wolf© Jae-Won Lee / Reuters
The first cloned wolf. South Korea.

tortoise© Phil Noble / Reuters
Tortoise kid in Chester city zoo, England.

tapira© Andrew Milligan / AP
Tapira cub in Edinburg zoo. Tapirs are related to the nosorogami and horses.

pigs© Ken Bohn / AFP
Three Little pigs racing one another in San Diego zoo, California.

red pandas© Mick Tsikas / EFE
Red pandas (small panda). Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

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