jewish wedding in Jerusalem
Tens of thousands of Jews gathered yesterday in Jerusalem. In the Old City was the largest wedding ceremony in the history of Israel. According to custom, all guests came to the celebration in the same dance and performed traditional dances.
Police blocked all roads in the northern part of Jerusalem, in a few areas have been introduced heightened security measures. Such an environment is not the threat of another terrorist attack, and the forthcoming marriage.
Senior grandson Rabbi gurskih Hassidic Aaron told Alter led by the bride crown. Guardians of calculated that the celebration was attended by more than 50,000 people. Many guests arrived because border. This is the largest wedding in the history of Israel.
Guest : “We are very excited for our teachers, and his family, and this holiday we on the right feel. Rod rabbi will continue, and for us this is a great happiness”.
In synagogues all the guests, of course, does not fit, and thousands of people were singing and dancing on the street. Men and women made fun separately, as required by ancient custom.
Circulate all 50,000 invitations to the families of young couples do not have. News of the coming week misconception special envoys who objehali dozens of synagogues.
Bride, it is true, to see people cheering not. According to tradition, a person’s future should be fata hidden from the eyes of all the men. An exception is made only for the future spouse.
Gur Pharaoh is the largest in Israel hasidske course of the disease. Proponents of this mystical branch of Judaism strictly observe rites and customs, as well as very sensitive to his appearance. The story of this religious for nearly two centuries.

jewish wedding in Jerusalemjewish wedding in Jerusalemjewish wedding in Jerusalemjewish wedding in Jerusalem
jewish wedding in Jerusalem
jewish wedding in Jerusalem

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