lunar eclipse 2007in Israel

Two central solar and two lunar eclipses occur in 2007 as follows:

  • 2007 Mar 03: Total Lunar Eclipse
  • 2007 Mar 19: Partial Solar Eclipse
  • 2007 Aug 28: Total Lunar Eclipse
  • 2007 Sep 11: Partial Solar Eclipse

Predictions for the eclipses are summarized in Figures 1 through 4. World maps show the regions of visibility for each eclipse. The lunar eclipse diagrams also include the path of the Moon through Earth’s shadows. Contact times for each principle phase are tabulated along with the magnitudes and geocentric coordinates of the Sun and Moon at greatest eclipse.
All times and dates used in this publication are in Universal Time or UT. This astronomically derived time system is colloquially referred to as Greenwich Mean Time or GMT.

lunar eclipse 2007Lausanne

lunar eclipse 2007Rome

lunar eclipse 2007Cologne

lunar eclipse 2007Rio

lunar eclipse 2007New York

lunar eclipse 2007

lunar eclipse 2007

in Moscow

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