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Canadian Seal HuntCanadian Seal HuntCanadian Seal HuntCanadian Seal Hunt
On the International Day of Action against the Canadian Seal Hunt approximately 340,000 people participated in demonstrations against Canada’s brutal commercial seal hunt. Here are just a few snapshots from rallies from around the globe.

Canadian Seal Hunt

Canadian Seal Hunt© Reuters, EFE
Canadian Seal Hunt© Maria Rhodes Castro
Canadian Seal Hunt© Tara Scarcello
Canadian Seal Hunt© Olga Selissheva
Canadian Seal Hunt© Yu-Tzu Chung
Canadian Seal Hunt© Yui Sasaki

Canadian Seal Hunt© Francesco Sgritta
Canadian Seal Hunt© Andrey Gryaznov
Canadian Seal Hunt© Ana Muriel
Canadian Seal Hunt© Anastasia Cohen

Canadian Seal Hunt

© Ramon Aclo

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# 1 - coacoa - 12/11/2011 - 9:55 pm

STOP STOP STOP…. i mean its not just f***ing Canada. i live there and none of the ** you put up is as bad as you say! i agree the seal hunt should stop useing the hakapik thing and use guns and shit but really im only 13 btw and this stuff pisses me off most of Canada wants this to stop and its not “Canadas” fualt like u cant pick on everyone in Canada pick on those people who still do that the seal hunt in the mean and violent way… grow up….

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